Your Life IS Your Business

“To Impact 10,000 People To Smash Their Goals And Lead A Life Of Purpose.”

It is time for you, as others before you have, to end once and for all the issues stopping you from fulfilling your potential.

Now is your turn to shine. To become all that you want to be and have the joy filled life you deserve and desire.

The answer to you having an unbreakable positive mindset and positive habits of success lies right in front of you. Read the personal letter to you from Ian and start to discover your dream life.

Ian’s Letter To You…

Hi there,

If you are half the person that I reckon you are then this will be the most important letter you read for a long time. Yeah that may be a bold statement but what you are going to read about I have actually used myself on me and continue to use every day. It has improved my bank balance, love life, friendships, business partnerships and more. In fact it has improved everything that it has touched. Now you can be introduced to this same power as well just by reading and paying attention here. Don’t hesitate, carry on reading.

Is this for real?

Actually it is. We provide care and support for people wanting to make a positive change in their lives. Whatever area, personal, entrepreneurial, professional, health, even romantic, You may have tried various ways to make a lasting change and never got the results that you want. Sound familiar?

To help those like you, and yes me too, I devised what I call ‘The Inner Circle’. This is where I explain and assist people in applying a skill set that brings success to every area of your life that you apply it to. I know it works as I was the lab rat for it.

Nervous Breakdown, Business Building
and Relationship Making

These are just some of the areas that I personally have improved for me. Yes I did use these skills to get me out of the ‘rabbit hole’ a nervous breakdown dropped me into. Also used them to keep my mental health as I suffer from neuralgia, an extremely painful condition that caused 6 months off work.

Have these skills worked for others? Yes they have. I know of many that have used them to build a business that has made them millionaires. Others have used them to progress their careers accelerating a path to senior management. Others have used them for excellence in sporting achievements, improve their marriages, to help their children at school. Kicked bad habits to the kerb and created an attitude that can’t be broken.

Now The Truth

None of this comes without work, and I mean hard work. There is no ‘easy’ route to a better life as there are massive obstacles to overcome. You will want to quit, you will have struggles and conflict; mainly with yourself as that is who you are changing. If you are prepared for all that, and want a guiding hand to make your rocky road easier then I shall guide you and support you for as long as you need me.

How Is It Done?”

What does Inner Circle do? Many of you reading this, if not all, will be familiar with goal setting and positive mindset, yes? Inner Circle goes further than that. This is because those mentioned are in themselves not enough to bring about lasting change. They must become habits. They must become actions that you have to carry out. Inner Circle goes further still. It builds other related skills to reinforce each other thus guaranteeing that those that put in 100% effort will get the changes and goals that they seek.

The 4 Core Foundations”

These are the skills that Inner Circle not only teaches but supports its family members to achieve. Let’s have a quick look at what they are and what they do. Just a peek mind as this isn’t the place for detail.

1 – 8 Habits of successful people – These are a distillation of all positive habits that any successful person, in any field, has used whether they have realised it or not. Each of these, as the 4 core foundations do, support each other so amplifying the effectiveness of them.

2 – 5 Steps to a conversation – No matter if you are having a one to one conversation or presenting to an audience in the thousands these principles allow you to do so with confidence. You can use them to explain more clearly to others and check their understanding. They can be used to influence others to make a decision and take action. In fact these skills can be used in any sort of a conversation.

3 – 6 Influencers – These are things that trigger a response from a person, you or another, that prompts them to make a decision. These are generally used with the 5 steps to illicit a favourable decision in the conversation. Resulting in their agreement with you.

4 – Law of Averages – Simply put that if an action is taken over a long enough period of time then a picture will appear of the outcome. From this picture an average can be deduced. The more this is worked on to be in your favour by using the other remaining 3 skill sets then the better your law of averages aka results will be.

There you have it, four skill sets that when applied 100% will have you changing your life in any direction you want it to go. That is all they are. Some of you may unknowingly be using some of them. Others may go and find them on their own and spend what could be years figuring them out and how to use them properly. This is good and is to be commended but it is a waste of your valuable time as it will take you away from what it is that you desire and spend too long trying to get these skills right.

It is possible, with help from yours truly, that these skills can be learnt and over time mastered whilst still steering you towards your desired life. Inner Circle helps you develop the skills needed to create the life you desire by going beyond mindset and building the very same habits that all the rich and successful have used to achieve their success whatever it is.

Don’t Just Take My Word For It, See For Yourself”

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