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To help, coach and mentor 10,000 people to achieve their goals and lead a life of purpose.

We achieve this with our ‘Inner Circle’ coaching and mentoring program. It is unique to FBG4U and it gives our members the edge when it comes to fulfilling your dreams.

It is time for you, as others have to end your pain of procrastination, the endless cycle of not getting anywhere. They have left their shattered dreams behind and moved into being able to achieve ANYTHING they set out to do; and to do it with ease. Sounds like something that could help you, then read this personal letter from Ian the creator of what we call the 4 Core Foundations.

Ian’s Letter To You…

Hi how are you?

Hope you are sitting comfortably as this is important to both you, others and I.

My name is Ian and I am speaking directly to you. Yes you there reading this. Why am I speaking to you? Because you have your life goals to reach and I have created a foolproof way for anyone to the reach the level of success they want in any niche they want. Doesn’t even have to be a business goal, it can be literally any goal.

You do have goals don’t you? Good; then carry on reading as I will tell you more. If you don’t yet have goals then together we can discover yours and learn how to smash them.

Lots of people have read this and they all didn’t know that any goal can be reached by developing the right skill set. If you do then already you are streets ahead of the others. Everyone has been equally surprised to discover that they are easy to learn, and fast to apply.

This letter is not to depress you. In fact the opposite, it is to assure you that help and support is out there. The services offered are what we use daily in our business. This means we 100% practice what we teach. As with everyone we reckon you will agree that is important, yes?

How we give the support is on different levels. Firstly we have this site which gives detail about the areas we coach in and how we use them and benefit from them. These in themselves will help people. Secondly for those that want more we have a coaching service. This is in the form of daily emails which will cover the weekly theme for that week. These, once broadcast are then set to be sent on a daily basis so that even new members benefit from all the coaching. Thirdly there is a private Facebook group. This is where questions are answered and live video training is given. As time goes by more channels will be open to our Inner Circle members.

Let us briefly look at what we coach in. Collectively they are ‘The Four Core Foundations’, [4cf]. These are 5 steps to a conversation. Yes we coach in how to speak at all levels from a phone call to a huge audience. Here’s a hint, it is the same structure for all. 8 habits of ALL successful people. Throughout history these habits have been used by anyone successful. They may have different names from different sources but they are all the same and they all are all here. Each one supports the others. There is coaching in areas that allow you to influence and impact people in a way that they will support and help you in obtaining your desires. Finally there is support in continuing in the face of adversity by realising what we call the ‘law of averages’.

Something bizarre is about to happen and it is this:- I am not going to sell you any coaching or other products. Why would I do this? Simple really, every day you see all manner of claims made on the internet. You may even get some through the post. This approach should be turned on its head. Instead I am going to give you two choices. Firstly you can simply vanish and try for your dreams in many other ways. Get frustrated at nothing happening and then wonder where I am so that you can get my help. Or, the better more sensible option, you can find out more and see if I am what I say I am and how all that training can be of help to you in finally being able to smash your goals, any goals.

Did I mention that the response to this letter offer is huge, and that Inner circle is pretty much on an invite only? You see I only want to help those that truly are 100% determined to get sweaty and bloody in the pursuit of their dreams. Any doubt you have will make the journey harder. Doubt can be removed but it is hard. The truth is that everything that I coach is going to be hard. This is because it will challenge the way you see thongs and do things. If your goals are worth less than the changes then ask yourself if you really deserve your goals.

After all this and my confessions if you still want to know more then join the email list below. It is not a double opt in and you will start to get emails from me immediately. These will let you know when new posts are up on the blog and my Facebook page. Along with these posts they will tell you more about the 4cf and how they will help you. Oh, you can also message me through my Facebook page. If you do please keep it to the point as I get a lot of messages and I want to reply to them all. Big messages make it very time consuming. Back to helping you discover more. Just your first name and very best email below and you shall receive my emails from Ian FBG4U intro immediately. With these I will show you how it works and you can be invited to benefit as others have been already.