5 Steps To A Conversation

Yes a conversation and not a pitch. Been coaching in sales now for 20+ years and I can say with certainty that people do not like being sold (pitched) to, but they do love to buy.

What this means for you is that you MUST stop trying to get people to buy from you and leave that decision to them. You can influence this decision in your favour by having a structure to your conversation that allows for a two way flow of information BUT leaves you in charge of where that conversation goes and its outcome; and you must be influencing that decision always. Meaning everything you do must point to them taking an action. Just don’t make it look like a pitch. You do this by having a conversation, and one they can relate to.

Best of all by having a structure then you know exactly what you are doing and where you are up to. It makes you better prepared for anything the customer throws at you and leaves little to chance.

Yes such a structure is possible. In fact you are reading the introduction to just that. The 5 steps is literally a scaffolding to any conversation. That includes 1:1 speaking be it a sales transaction or an interview of any type all the way to public speaking and addressing an audience of any size. This will work as it is; well enough of the chatter the best way to show it is to actually go through it with you. That is what the series of videos is about.

In the videos we will together cover all 5 of the steps which are…
Introduction – The saying “Hello”, get their attention.
Short Story – Who you are and what you are doing and why
Presentation – Where you go through the benefits of what you have backed up by features. Rememeber the initial buying decision is an emotional one, that is later backed up by logic.
Close or call to action as some refer to it. Literally get an agreement to go forwards or not.
REHASH – This is where you consolidate the sale/decision with logic thus reducing dissatisfied customers and refunds.

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