8 Habits Of The Ultra Successful

Above is a video of me briefly explaining the aforementioned habits.. Just what are they though?

They are quite simply simple, yet complicated. They are simple as in when they are practiced together then they are unstoppable in developing habits that race you to your goals. We all know that we get to big goals via reaching small goals. These cover both as good as a layer of top quality wallpaper.

There is no need for 9. Many have tried and failed so we shall stick to the 8. Here they are in print…

1. Have a positive mental attitude. As said in the video this does not mean being all happy clappy all the time. In fact if you did than it is about time you got professional help as that is not a normal mental state to be in.
It is about being positive in the face of adversity and issue. It is about being a problem solver and finding the solution. It is about others seeing you as someone to depend on when things get rocky.

2. Be on time. Does this really need any explanation? OK then here goes. If you are late for anything you are not fashionable you are rude. Don’t care if it is a party or a business meeting, you are rude and have kept others waiting.
In fact imagine if it was a business meeting for a huge contract and you were late. Do you think the customer would look on your with favour? Er no they wouldn’t. If you were late to see them then what would your business be like? You are your business and what you do and how you behave is a reflection of your business and life. Don’t be late, ever.

3. Be prepared. Fail to plan, then you plan to fail. This means you will be ready to succeed. You, me and all will be ready to go forward with a plan of action and be ready and able to cope with any situation. We both know that not very contingency can be accounted for but we can best place ourselves to deal with any obstacle and that is what we mean here. Being best placed to cope and have a plan to move forward.

4. 100% effort throughout the day. Be the hardest and smartest working person that you know. Make every second count. If you don’t then the person that does will get ahead of you. Yes we know it is not healthy to work long hours everyday so when you do show up put it all in. It is a strange thing but the harder and smarter you work then the luckier you get.

5. Work your territory correctly. Know this, your territory is not a field somewhere. It is the people you interact with and the tasks you get done where you are at that moment. Work these to the maximum and get the most out of them.

6. Safeguard your positive attitude. Being able to maintain that problem solving always looking forward attitude can be very hard at times. Especially when the whole world seems against you. Yet it is essential that you do. Your attitude is your business, and your business is your attitude. That is how important it is. People will knock you, things won’t go as you want. These are only temporary as you are moving forward. Remember this when the storm clouds pen up on your head. Bad things don’t last, they just break up the good times.

7. Know what you are doing and why you are doing it. Sounds easy doesn’t it. Ask yourself, do you know exactly what it is that you are doing? Do you know exactly why you are doing it? These two points MUST be more than crystal clear in your mind and that of other people. Yes vocalise your what and why and be proud to do so. Have them written down and polish them if need be but do all you can to live your life by your what and why.
My what is simple to me…To help at least 10,000 business opportunity seekers to set up and grow the business they want no matter what business it is. Why? I went through a lot of pain when I started to grow my first sales team let alone my first business. I want to share all I know to spare these people that pain and the discouragement it can bring. I have a set of skills and I will use them to help you.
What are your what and why?

8. Take control. Your life lies before you and it is a great one or a bad one. You can either be in charge of your life or have someone else be in charge of you; having you work for them to fulfill their dreams. Your choice, both can be good paths if you make yourself a success. These eight habits will allow you to do that. In fact they will demand you do that.
Most of us plan a two week holiday a year, we take charge of it. Yet we do not plan a 70+ years of life. Why is that? Why plan a day trip yet let 70 years drift aimlessly by?
By taking charge of your life you not only gain a career but also a more exciting life as you can take it where you want to go, anywhere. Where are you going to take your life?

There are the 8 steps or as there are sometimes called the 8 habits of successful people. They are designed to be used in conjunction with each other and indeed that is the only way to use them. As with all habits they take time to develop. It is not like smoking, one drag and you are hooked. These take time but once developed they are stronger than any addiction and bad habit. These are the habits of the good life, not the bad and certainly not the ugly.

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