4 Core Foundations

Welcome to the start of the 4 core foundations category. What are the 4 core foundations (4cf)?

They are are structure on which to build a strong business. Let me explain. If you are erecting a building then you need foundations. The bigger the building the stronger the foundations need to be. The Stronger the foundations are then the stronger the building they support and it is the sake with a business. Indeed it is the same with any structure, be it your business or your life.

The stronger and better your foundations then the stronger and better your structure will be.

The 4cf as you can imagine consist of 4 parts or elements. These are 8 habits of successful people
5 steps to a conversation
Impulse factors
Law of averages

A detail breakdown and description of each of these is all contained in this section of posts about the 4cf. These are truly fundamental to any business as if you get these right then you can build and grow faster than you realise right now.

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