“Change It…Low To High Open Rate & Response To All Your Messages”

Like thousands of others have you ever been frustrated at the low open rate of your emails? It can be soul destroying to see how few of your messages are opened.

Thankfully there is a way to correct this and indeed reverse the trend. We have developed a way that works every time it is applied. It is also very easy to learn and easier to apply.

For any message email or post on social media or blog you can…

  • Open the piece with an introduction
  • Then give a short story about you and/or the problem
  • Present a solution is available
  • Give a call to action so they can learn more about the solution and how it will directly help them
  • Secret sauce – quickly repeat the benefit here of why they should get the solution from you

All this available for you and I am happy to show you how in a short video that I have prepared for your enjoyment. It shows how we structure our messages and how you can to so that not just your open rate increases but so does your engagement and sales as well. Check it out…video is here

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