“Ian’s Free Email Structure Video”

“Time for honesty” Like many of us have you ever been frustrated when you look at your email stats and see just how few have been clicked through to where you want to send the traffic? You check again after another 3 days, no or little change.

We’ve all been there. All shouted and cried about it. These emotions drove me to find the solution, and I did just that. It took me time. Lots of painful hours but I did it.

This solution is to give the reader what they want to read. Don’t write about what YOU want. The reader is only interested in how you can help them. They don’t care about the size of your house, how many cars or sex partners you have. Just what they will get from you,and that is all.

The best way to give the reader what they want time after time is to have a structure to your emails. You know like introduction, short story, presentation, close. That sort of thing. This helps you keep your emails short, concise and on point. Gives the reader what they want and gets you a better open rate and more action taken.

The structure I use to do exactly this is available for you to learn from in the next 57 seconds. If you are at all interested in better results from your emails then check it out. One last thing; come closer I need to whisper this. It is free.
Ian’s free email structure video

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