Making an impact, creating an impulse

This category is two fold in that we talk about creating a ‘positive personal impact’ and how to influence or as it is sometime called ‘impulse’ people.

Firstly, why are these subjects important to my goals, why do I need others?

Those that know me know I like to keep things simple and brief so let me do that here. You need others as you will not achieve your goals on your own. Does any athlete reach the top without a coach, dietician, doctor and others? No they don’t, and you won’t reach your goals without help either.

In order to build this team around you and be the focus of their attention you will need to have a positive impact on them and be able to influence them to see your vision as clearly as you do and what part they play in that goal as well.

There, both those points addressed. From here we will dissect and look at lots of areas that build a positive impact and your skills at influencing others to partake in your goal.

This is far too big a subject to cover in one post and indeed it is only for the serious. As is my ‘Inner Circle’ where the very secrets of creating the skills needed on which to build your goals are shown for you to learn and use.

All this may at the moment seem mind blowing to you which is why there is an introductory short email course where you can see what these skills are, how they will help you and how you can start to learn them for yourself as well.

If you are serious about your goals, and who wouldn’t be, then you owe it to yourself to at least see if these skills will benefit you; they will. Go here and find out more…

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