“This Is So Important, So Simple, Yet We Nearly ALL Miss It…”

What we have here is a very simple premise but one that we also fail by every day.

It is the very simple idea to keep everything super simple. Some say short and simple but short is not always an option. Simple is always an option.

You can make it (whatever your ‘it’ is) complicated but then just try explaining it or fixing it or altering it in any way. Hard isn’t it.

That is why we must keep things simple. They are easy to explain and teach, they are easy to fix if broken, easy to change if needed.

Simple things are easy to produce, copy and share.

That is the way they should be. Reasons for this as above and another is that if there is a need to replicate then it is easy and fast to do so.

How Does One Keep It Simple?

The first thing is to keep an eye on things and remove all unnecessary items. Outside of business and goals for a minute let us look at shopping. Do you take a list with you or do you just pile into your trolley what you think would be good? Do you follow a logical direction around the shop crossing the items off your list thus reducing the time spent in the shop and still getting all you need?

Any normal (what is normal anyway) person would use a list and a logical shortest path possible. Then why when it comes to your goals do you pile on extra to do?

Take an advert. Before you write it yo have no idea if it will even give you the results you want. It could exceed them. Why then do we spend so much on getting others to write them when they the same misgivings as you? Just write it and try it. In fact write two or three and test them against each other. Take the best performing one and use that as the control to test others against.

It is that simple. As Nike says, “Just do it”. Here you are not trying to do anything more than a few lines of text, maybe an image and test the results against each other. Put like that it seems easier doesn’t it? Yet that is all an agency would do but on a lot larger scale and charge you lots for it. This extra you may not need at that time but it is something for you to build to. Hmm brings us on to managing your expectations but not to cover that here.

Another example for keeping it simple could be that you want to open another outlet. How easy would it be if all was complicated? How hard would it be if it was all simple? Which do you think is better?

To keep things simple as we do I shall finish here as this gives you enough examples and it is a subject w shall visit again, and again. Ooh, I may (means I will do) a video or two about it. See ya soon.

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