“Read This Very Carefully…”

And let it all sink in. For this WILL change the way you not only do business BUT in all likelihood lead your life.

Let me explain why first.

We all suffer from the same disease. For it is a disease, and it is the disease of doing anything the hard way. We know that simple is the best but we just don’t do it. Be honest with yourself, do you really always look for the simplest way. Or, like us all do you catch yourself with “That looks too simple to work”.

We all know the answer don’t we. You do it, I do it, we all do it.

It’s Massive

It takes truly gargantuan effort to try and do the things in life the easiest way. Try it. Just try it. Have a look at all the unnecessary walking you do say to the fridge for ingredients.

This applies to your life and business. Let us have a look at a generalised business. You need to promote it. Usually via several sources which you monitor. You also look at creating new adverts, emails, videos, articles. Sure we can put other things down but let us stop there and ask this; “Do you think it is perfectly reasonable that you as a business owner do all these things yourself, in detail, when a business would have departments to do all of these tasks?”.

Look I get it, at the start you have to, but do you really have to do all of them and in the detail that you do?

Consider keeping it simple. Let us say that most of your customers respond to offline classified ads and call you. Knowing this try concentrating on this source. Don’t neglect the others that you are using just concentrate on this one area. Get it right, then keep an eye on it whilst you build up another area, say Facebook ads.

Another way but be to remove the burden from you completely and forever. Outsource it, get someone else to do the work for you. All you do then is oversee the whole operation. Like this….

Use an offline ad agency that places your ads and looks at their performance. At the end of the week they send you a report. You then send back to them your findings and what you want them to do. They go away and do what they are told.

There are a ton of good points to this. You aren’t doing the leg work in your business. You are building a team around you to that for you. Now you are the leader. They can also get better rates than you can (same applies to online ad agencies as well as they know how to optimise ads). This means that in all reality yo will probably actually pay less for using an agency than you would if you did the same work. You will almost certainly make more profits.

Meaning that it is a win-win all round. The biggest thing is that you are making YOUR life more simple. Less decisions, less stress. Surely that must sound good?

It better do. We all got into out goals be they a business or other to get us excited, give us a purpose and a better more exciting life. If you make it complicated then you don’t get that buzz, or the support you are going to need. Keep everything simple. Make it easy to understand and explain and operate. You will get more out of life and others will get more out of you. Both customers and family.

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