“Stop Doing What They Hate And Do What They Looove.”

It is a crying shame that I have to spell this out to people but I do.

All too often when surfing the online world (same in the offline world to) we are hit by adverts. Most of them are, well, lousy. In fact that is far too polite for them. The truth is they are crap. By that I mean that they are selling to you and generally promise the world and yet you never quite seem to get to the place they say no matter what you do. That is because they are selling to you.

This ‘lack of perceived results’ on our behalf is why we get pis*ed at a lot (OK nearly all of these adverts), which leads us to hate being sold to.

The sellers coming across as needy, desperate and ‘our best friend’ to get us to join their program. A program these days that escalates to a very high cost item. Enough!

Stop doing this those that are selling and stop falling for it those seeking answers aka buyers. Instead seek to have the people buy into you and from you. Do this and stop selling.


People prefer to buy than be sold to. It also means that they are happier with their decision and stay longer and try harder.


Find out what they want, what are their needs and adapt what you have to suit them. if it doesn’t need adapting then demonstrate how what you have is actually for them. Show and instruct. Then give them the option to buy from you. If they don’t ask them why they didn’t. Never be afraid of finding out why you lost a purchase.

In fact do ask as it will show you how to stop that in the future and get the customer instead of losing them.

There you have it. Stop selling and start them buying. You have the ‘why’ and the ‘how’.

In my unashamedly elitist ‘Inner Circle’ more on this subject is revealed in detail of how you get more to buy from you with you doing less selling. You also get a skill set that will create the foundations on which you can achieve any goal you set yourself. To find out more you need to go here:-

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