“This Will Blow Your Underwear Off”

Hi there, how are you? I am hoping that you are well and full of good cheer. For those that don’t yet know me I always wish well to those reading and watching my work.

Since some of you will never have met me, I am Ian David. Author of the goal crushing 4 core foundation skill set, which is coached via the members only ‘Inner Circle’.

What is front of you today will blow your underwear off. Not wearing any, then go and put some on just to have the pleasure of them being blown off. Yes it is that amazing.

This amazing, underwear blowing off thing is a solution to huge problem that is in town. A problem that we all fall for regardless of our position or social standing. It can effect whether you get a job or win a contract. It can even effect our social circle.

We are talking about ‘personal impact’ and ‘first impressions’. Both of which are paramount as everything else is based on those very first impressions. Get them wrong and you could be as dead as a Turkey at Christmas.

How do we get it right then? Easier than you think, but it is a lot more than shiny shoes and sharp cloths. It is about your dress, but also about your body language, your facial expression, what you say and more importantly how you say it as in the tone of your voice or writing.

Yes this is a vast topic. One that is gone into in a lot of detail in the Inner Circle. Yes it is true that the blog (fastbusinessgrowth4u.com) does cover this but the Inner |Circle is where all the real magic happens. This is where I coach people in the skill set needed to smash their goals, business or otherwise. My advice is to find out more about the Inner Circle and never miss a blog post. Do that here (url link)

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