Our contact details are simple. We can be contacted on our email for you to book an appointment for us to speak. We will only answer emails that are business related and require a discussion with Ian or one of the staff members.
The ONLY exception to this is for a refund, if one is required for any reason. DO NOT email us asking for a refund* if you are trying to contact us for any other reason. If you do we will NEVER do business with you.
We ask for appointments as like you we are busy and our time is precious. If you make an appointment then stick to it. If you don’t, for any reason, without 24hours notice of cancellation then we will not do business.
These rules are intended to stop either of us wasting our time and resources.
Please make it 100% clear in the subject line of your email what your intentions are i.e. if you are trying to sell us something like web hosting then say “Email in regards to web hosting offer” or if you are a tax advisor “Email in regards to tax advisory service”. Guess what happens if it doesn’t. Correct, it gets deleted. We will not waste our time ploughing through emails to filter out those that are important to us, not you. Same goes for postal deliveries and phone calls. 9 out of 10 calls to us go unanswered. Meaning we let it ring, and we never respond to voice mails.
Email us, make it clear what and why you are contacting us and if we are interested we will reply to arrange an appointment.

Email is

Mailing 16 Station Road NR25 6BS

*Refunds will only be given if they are requested in the parameters of the guarantee. That being if the guarantee is for 30 days and we get the email on day 31 then it is too late. That being said we will never cheat anyone out of a legitimate claim for a refund. If it is a subscription then the refund will be for a maximum of the terms of the subscription, that usually being for a maximum of 3 months of payments or the duration of the customer’s subscription; whichever is the lesser. Meaning if the customer has been subscribed for 2 months and asks for a refund then the amount due is 2 months of subscriptions. If the request is handled after the next payment then that payment to will be refunded, as long as the claim was made in the second month. Example: refund requested in month 2 of the subscription and before the refund is handled the subscription for month 3 is taken then all monies will be refunded to the customer. If this happens in month 3 and the subscription for month 4 is taken then only the payments for months 1, 2 and 3 will be refunded. The payment for month 4 will be retained by Ian David.
If a refund request is made in moth 4 and onwards then the maximum refund will be for 3 months of payments. Example: claim in month 6 then only refunds made will be for month 6, 5 and 4. If no payment is taken for month 6 then the months refunded will be for 3,4 and 5.