“Online Selling Secret – One Skill You Must Have As A Business Owner”

I am always 100% gob smacked at how many business owners complain about them needing to be able to sell. Think about it for a minute: there you are in business and you are attracting people that want to use you,and you can’t sell. You just have to sit there waiting for one of them to say “Oh go on then.” We both know that won’t ever happen. Then why are so many owners reluctant to sell?

They actually see it as a dirty thing is the feedback that I get. They don’t want to be a ‘sleazy salesman’. I get that I honestly do. There has been for far too long a species of very badly trained sales people, that in my opinion as someone that trains salesmen, that have no idea about sales. Yes they may get the numbers, but bloody hell have you seen the cancellation rates? They are through the roof when comapared to someone that knows how to do it properly.

There is also another HUGE area of confusion when online. That is the need for a copy writer. I can say with certainty right now that you don’t. You probably couldn’t afford a good one anyway.
You don’t need one as YOU are the best copy writer for your business as you understand it better than anyone else.
You know:

  • Exactly what issue you solve and how
  • You are the real expert in that business niche
  • You have the answers to ANY and ALL questions a person has

What you don’t have, at the moment, is the confidence to produce a sales piece yourself. Here is another secret. Producing a sales piece that does a cold sell these days is hard and is getting harder. You need to be able to warm people to you. That is called ‘soft sell’ or relationship selling I have heard it called before.

You do this by building trust and a relationship over time. The initial bond is made, true as a sale due to an action happening, by getting their attention and this can be done by simply answering their question. No need for a hard sell, or selling cold.

To do this you need to understand copy writing but and it is a big BUT, nowhere near as much as you may think. Even if you get just the basics and practice these then you will be streets ahead of your rivals. Indeed if they have a nice new fast car in a race and forgot the keys they would be left on the starting grid whilst you in your old broken down truck went on the win the race. Because you understood the basics, hence your win.

“This is all well and good Ian, but how am I supposed to learn even the basics?” Got you covered amigo. Rob and I both learnt our skills from various sources and there was one that stood out for us both. It was written by Michael Silk, the UK’s version of Gary Halbert (a legend in the world of copy writing). Michael lays down exactly how to write a sales letter that anyone even a 100% novice can pick up and use and do so within minutes of having the course.
This is the very same course that Rob and I got the license to provide. Meaning nothing has been changed, edited or altered in any way from the version that we both used.

By now you should be able to see how much as a business owner you need to at they very least have an idea of how to sell by written word. You now know that both Rob and I are advising you to learn from the man that most influenced us. Now we are saying that you can get that same impactful course that we used and you can see it and find out more here….Online Selling Secret.

Before you leave I want to say that using the link above is the very best way to go. We do put a lot on this site about arious subjects and one of them is copy writng. You can go and view these posts in the categories. They are not for download and owning as the course is. What you can do if you look at the posts is to join our mailing list and be alerted to when a new post comes out. Best advice is to invest a little in yourself and get Michael’s course.