On this page Ian David shall disclose how the business makes money.

We do not sell advertising space on the site.

We do not promote affiliate products on the site.

We do not promote products or service from any partners on the site.

We DO promote affiliate and partner products in our email lists.

We may sell (very infrequently) advertising space in our emails as solo adverts.

We DO promote our own products and services. These are what we make our business turnover from. Some of these products we may have bought the license to sell from the product creator. If this is the case then we will make this clear to the potential customer before they buy the product or service. If the licensed product has been sufficiently edited as to be claimed as created by Ian David (at least 20% of the original product changed) then this declaration shall not be made.

Whilst we will not dispute a request for refund, we will expect that the person making the request has in the least tried the product and then found it unfit for their purpose. Ian David as a business will endeavour to ensure that any and all products offered do actually function the way they are described in any format by said business being Ian David. This does mean that the responsibility of the product being deemed fit for how it is described is taken by Ian David, the business. The purchase of the product and decision that it is not fit for the customer’s uses is solely with the customer. Ian David as a business does not accept any liability for the customer dissatisfaction with any products or services. ian David will not attempt to rectify any dissatisfaction as everything offered by Ian David the business will work as the business describes it to.