Terms Of Service

There will be proper terms of service provide very soon. IN the mean time accept these.
Ian David as a business is NOT responsible for the use or misuse by any customer of any of the products provided both free and via a purchase. The receiver of free and paid products use the information there in these products solely at their own responsibility and risk.

Ian David as a business has done all possible to ensure the information is both accurate and precise at the time of original publication of the material the customer obtained either for free or by purchase.

Ian David as a business will not be responsible for any lose any person occurs in anything they do that is associated with any of the products or services provided by Ian David the business. Any profit and lose is solely the responsibility of the user of the information provided. Equally Ian David as a business is not responsible for the results of any of the material and products provided if used by anyone else other than the intend person. That person being the one that obtained the product by purchase or for free.

Ian David the person is divorced and separate from any actions against Ian David the business. In no way is Ian David the person to be help legally accountable for any actions against or on behalf of Ian David the business.

Ian David is a trademark and copy right of Ian David the business.