How FBG4U came about – Ian’s Story

Quite a time ago I worked in a factory as a machine operator making rolls of roofing felt. It was my first job after leaving the RAF. The guys there were good but the job was, well, awful at best.

Despite my dislike for the job I still turned up each day and did my hours Monday to Friday. On one particular day I turned up and a decision had been made for me, not one I would’ve made no matter how bad the job, it was that I was no longer required. Yes I was made redundant.

Now the job was not good and had little prospects but it kept the wolves at bay whilst I looked and trained for something better.

Not good news with bills, loans and credit cards to pay. Not to mention the mortgage. Always feels your working to make others money and never yourself doesn’t it?

At this point in my life like so many I was in debt. Even had an overdraft so my wages weren’t even my own. Fair to say that money management was never a strong point of mine back then. Needed to work but after nine years in the Air Force and a job rolling roofing felt that I didn’t have much options. All the same, off on a job search I went, and after being in a factory I fancied a change. My luck, everything out there was factory or shop based. Didn’t fancy either.

“What Was I To Do?”

There was one area that had plenty of vacancies, that being sales. My dad had worked hard in sales usually away from home so I rarely saw him when I was younger; I was reluctant to try it. As they say “Beggars can’t be choosers”, and as no experience was needed and full training given I went for it. At the time I had no idea how much of a positive impact that decision was to have on my life.

Make no mistake, my first try at sales sucked. Not because of the training, I was just new to it. Gaining my feet as you may say. I saw the money these people were earning and I got hungry.

“Time To Grow, And I Did”

One huge disadvantage that I had was I was shy and didn’t like to come forward. That had to be overcome and it was an area that this company was not good at helping me with. No matter who I asked, no one could help me. Struck out on my own to discover the answer, and I did just that. Not with this company but with another. Oh yes, I left them as they couldn’t help me. Found the answer did I via my own hard work and with another company that took the time to develop me. Very similar skill set to what I had been shown already. One that allowed me to be mentored, coached and to grow. In fact they encouraged it.

Me being me I took the old and the new and took what worked best for me and used it. To great effect as well. In fact before long I had the responsibility of training and coaching others. Oh boy, I loved.

The truth is that I loved it so much that I took my work home with me. I learnt all I could to pass it on and help others to get good as well. They did.

As time went on I fine tuned what I knew, made it easier to use and learn and to teach. It was about this time that got involved with writing emails and sales letters for the company that I worked for. Well me being me I used the same system that I taught. It worked like a charm. Recruitment went up as did customer retention and acquisition. All by using the system I developed to make myself better at this job.

“By Now I was Buzzing, And It Got Better. A Lot Better”

The truth is that what I had developed worked so well that I built, coached, mentored several sales teams that went on the raise over £1,000,000 for various charities. Some of those in the sales teams went on to run their own sales businesses as well. They grew them using only what I had shown them. Some of them still use me to this day for advice and support.

It was this ‘sideways’ movement that has me where I am today. This is because I helped other businesses with their growth and advised some when they were just starting out. Started by creating their strong foundations on which to grow using 4 core elements.

“Should I Stay Or Should I Go?”

It wasn’t long before my helping others became in demand and I had a choice to make. Do I say “No” and carry on working for someone else. Or say “Yes” and strike out on my own?

By the time I got online the place had been swamped with Facebook ad agencies, Google slaps, SEO agencies, so many articles it was hard to write an original piece and blogs were old hat.

I went off on my own. Why? Well it was more fun helping others and working for myself. One thing I needed was a presence on the internet.

“I May Have Been Late To The Party, BUT It Turned Out I Was I was More Than Ready….Let Me Explain”……

Like us all I was bombarded from all sides about I need this and I need that. This was all far too complicated for me to promote a website by so I did what I do best. Used what I taught others for myself. That is all I did. Nothing complicated, everything easy and simple to do and to follow. Here’s what I did…

  • I went where those most interested are online
  • There were offered help and I gave it
  • Built up relationships with people
  • Started to ‘guest write’ for other website and business owners in my niche
  • Started to offer products to people as the relationships grew
  • Built email and postal address lists and stayed in regular contact with the people
  • Made further offers to those that showed interest

Things happened, slowly at first as they always do, then they picked up. Tried another website, same thing. Tried another website. Same thing happened. Was I onto something here? Certainly seems like it. No SEO, no endless article writing, no Google slap, no Facebook ad agencies. In fact none of them and when they did come to me once they found out what I did they ran away. Yet still I grew, still I get stronger and I still do to this day. This got me thinking, “I am new to the Internet and I cracked it, all be it with a bit of work, but now I am earning from it. If I can do it using what I did offline and I taught that to others then I can do it online as well”. Set out to do just that.

“I Have Put This Unique System All Together Into One Comprehensive Private Start Up Coaching Package.”

This is what I want for you. Is my mission and dream to pass on what I have learnt and used, and continue to use to this day. Things that work and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Things that leave you in control and not have an agency charging you $1,500+ a month PLUS the cost of the thousands of clicks they get on your adverts. If you have that budget, then use them. If you don’t and want to build strong foundations to grow to have that sort of budget then together we can do something to help you.

That is how and why I came up with

Fast Business Growth 4 U

It literally is everything I have developed and used to coach and mentor salesmen and business owners alike. Not just sales businesses but cleaning businesses, bakers and shops of all manner. A system that I still use to this day. What I share I use myself. It has to be said that FBG4U doesn’t leave anyone alone; we support everyone.

“It All Seems So Simple And It Is – But You Need Certain Inside Information To Make This Work For You. Also You Need To Be Sure This Is For You.”

I know that, and quite rightly as well, you would be skeptical of any claims made anywhere on the internet. There are a lot of snake oil pirates out there. Here’s what we can do. Fill in your very best email below and we shall send you more insights into the coaching and how it WILL help you. The emails will be Monday to Friday every day and some at weekends, they will inform and entertain. All you have to do is decide do I want help that works or do I want to carry on looking elsewhere and fall for the ‘quick fix’ again? Like everything in your life it is your choice. I know that you will make the right one for you. Your choice here is this…

“Do I go and learn more about how Ian has not just started his own businesses but coached and mentored others to do the same and then see how he can help me do the same”


“Do I keep looking for the ‘shiny button’ software and the £1,500 a month agencies out there?”

To those that choose me, the email information request form is here…

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