Email Megastar Field Training

Email is one of the most divisive areas on the internet, and to some point that is a justified opinion. The reason why is that it is true that more emails now get ignored than ever. Hence why some say that email marketing is dead.
Then on the other hand there are those that say this is a load of rubbish, email marketing is not dead. These people to agree that less emails are opened and the reasoning behind that is most emails do not offer value to the reader anymore.
I would agree with the latter. Most emails today offer little to no value to the reader and in our society of ‘I want it now’ there needs to be value for them. If not it gets ignored.

All beggars the question “How do we put value in an email for the reader?”. That is easier than you may think. People today are searching for something and as a business you need to solve that issue they have. FBG4U solves the issue of coaching for start up businesses and those with little capital to do so. None of our clients pay $1,000s. Well at least not initially and only when they want more ‘hands on’ help from us.
Solve the issue and stop selling your business in emails. Instead learn to write a simple letter. This is a simple letter, no copy writing and fancy sales stuff here. Just me (Ian) and you, together. A lot of my emails simply entertain the reader, I may even swear, but they all do lean towards a very soft sell. Personally I leave the choice to the customer. I am totally indifferent to their actions, although I do keep subtly asking until they buy or unsubscribe. In no way do I go on about how wonderful my business is, it is all about what they WILL get from me helping them.

For Rob and I email marketing works wonders. It is where we get most of our business turnover from. We used to use the ways that are now defunct. When we adopted the entertain, give oodles of value and a soft sell approach we saw a marked increase in our sales over all. Not from those already on our list as they had given up because they saw no value before so why should they now. Those new to us, the story was different, completely different. After a few list purges we now have a highly responsive set of lists and happy life long customers.

Rob and I are happy to show you exactly how we do this. There are two ways in,well actually three as the third is coming soon, but let us look at the first two. You can use the email category on this site to search for answers, even join our email list and receive notice of all updates we make. This is free to you. Then there is the email megastar field training course. This is where Rob and I lay down not just how and why we write emails the way we do and how they benefit the reader so much but also how we get them to respond to our opt in pages. It is fair to say that Rob and I test everything and information changes all the time. We do our best to keep things up to date and where we have made changes then we will tell our customers of the changes for free.
Most people will actually take the paid course as this is where they derive the best coaching from. Yes you are covered by a guarantee. One that Rob and Iwill honour but have never had to do so in the three years we have provided this product. Have a look at it here….EMFT course