There Were 821,000 Millionaires In Britain Last Year… I’ll Show YOU How To Join This Years List By Revealing Each And Every Secret That’ll Create A Vast Personal Fortune…” 

 “You’ll Discover Hundreds Of Powerful Methods And Techniques That The Shrewdest Millionaires In The UK Have Used Successfully To Build their Wealth…  

 “And I’ll Personally Introduce You To The Very Best Business Ventures, Projects And Investments That’ll Skyrocket Your Wealth To Unimaginable Levels Within Just weeks…”  

 Dear Friend,  

 If you are looking for an opportunity to perform an astronomical increase of your present and future personal net wealth, life-style surroundings and overall liquid assets...

 Then this is for you.

 Here's why...  

 There are thousands of individuals who are (this very moment) enjoying the luxuries, privilege and prosperity that we all endeavour to attain. 

 Whether it is your dream home set in a beautiful locality, endless holidays to exotic destinations, a brand new car, weekends in 5-star hotels, a £10,000 per week income or simply never having any financial worries ever again.  

So why is it that some people always seem to have more money than others?  

 Have you ever wondered what the crucial difference is between one person who achieves extraordinary personal wealth, and another who is equally ambitious, hard-working and talented, but struggles for that breakthrough.  

For example:  

  • How can it be that someone who left school without a single qualification can live in a mansion with a fleet of luxury cars parked in the driveway?  

  • Why is it that someone who started out in life working on a building site, behind a shop counter, or in a dreary office now lives a life of luxury, freedom and privilege, owning a private yacht, aircraft or several homes around the World?  

Mostly, we tend to assume that these people must have won the lottery, or they’ve just had a ‘lucky break’.  

 The fact is… millionaires seldom become millionaires as a result of luck or chance. 

 Although these things certainly don’t do any harm - it’s not necessarily as a result of being born into a rich family, inheritance or education either.  

Last years Inland Revenue figures reveal that considerably more than 1 in 500 of the UK population are millionaires, 1.2 million people have a declared income in excess of £100,000 with about 235,000 of whom have over £200,000… and 47,000 people declaring they earn over £1Million a year.  

 There is also a shortage of million pound plus houses available... do you get the feeling you’re being left behind?  

So What Are The Essential Prosperity Secrets That Seem To Escape Most People?  

 To discover the answers...

 ...and to find out how you can adopt the powerful wealth-creating techniques that have skyrocketed thousands of peoples lives to millionaire status...

 Please take 5-minutes to read this letter and discover how (with my hands-on help) you can learn and apply powerful knowledge, methods and strategies that’ll see your net-worth skyrocket beyond levels you ever imagined possible

 Successful individuals very quickly realise that extensive fortunes are achieved NOT from working long, hard hours at a nine-to-five job... 

 But by using their knowledge and know-how to get rich.  

 No matter how many lengthy and laborious hours you put in, you’ll never catch up with the people who use their knowledge (the ‘movers and shakers’) who combine specific wealth-creation strategies with their ideas, their ingenuity and even their dreams to achieve rapid rewards!  

It’s why an apparent broke or under-educated person, starting from scratch, can create a million-pound plus fortune within a very short period of time.  

 Instead of struggling to work at 7.30am and not arriving home until 6pm...

 ...successful individuals work no more than two or three hours a day, usually from a home office, using just a phone and a laptop computer, making decisions and doing deals. 

 They are then free to enjoy themselves.

 The only hard, manual work these individuals do is down at the gym or on the golf course!  

 Imagine, if these specific wealth-creating strategies, principles, and methods were available for everyone to adopt...

 ...and virtually guarantee a dramatic increase in your net-worth from every business venture or investment - this availability would be almost priceless.

 It’s for this reason why I’d like to introduce myself. 

 My name is Ian David,

 I’ve discovered (from 22-years of working with, building and developing many business ventures, then expanding through buyouts, takeovers or even selling on for a huge profit) that there are clear-cut strategies, techniques, methods and concepts that are vitally important in generating significant personal wealth.  

I found by applying 3-key specific profit-producing principle strategies (which I’ll reveal to you in a minute) you enhance the profitability from every business or investment opportunity to gain maximum reward from minimum effort and cost.  

 So successful and profit-producing are my methods that for the past three years I have been administering a unique fortune-building group called 'The Edge'

 Up until recently, I have only been allowing a limited number of individuals to share this information.  

 But now I want YOU to profit from this knowledge. 

 Having spent the last 15-months creating, refining, perfecting and devoting thousands of hours of research, AND my willingness to further share all my best 22-years worth of ‘insider’ secrets... can discover the strategies, knowledge, know-how, inside information and ideas that’ll skyrocket your net-worth and ensure your success becomes a predictable certainty.  

Announcing: The Most Powerful, Genuine, Wealth-Creating Study Programme Available In The UK  

 'The Edge' is a unique personal study programme. 

 I’m your tutor and it’s important to point out at this stage that I’ve achieved Millionaire status - it’s this tried and tested knowledge and know-how which created my wealth that forms the infrastructure of the development learning study programme.  

 The programme is spread over 12-lessons, purpose-designed to show you in detail how you can transform your life and become wealthy. 

 I’ve dedicated thousands of hours of research in putting the whole programme together... which includes actual first-hand case-studies and advice from other successful individuals.  

 I’ll demonstrate how YOU can create your own personal fortune in a precise manner that not only motivates you to act, but ensures you’ll prosper. 

You'll discover all the ingenious ways in which anyone...

Whether it be a man, woman, employed or unemployed, a business owner or company director (who is eager to invest in their future) 

Can make more money from business and investment ventures than any other source I know.  

 Today knowledge is the small but crucial difference that separates the rich from the poor. 

 Those old ways of working stood us in good stead in the past, but the 21st Century is very much the information age. New technology has transformed all our lives, and the future is a place where ideas, where information and where know-how rule supreme. 

The truth is, the millionaires of the future won’t actually do any hard work as such… they will ‘think’ their way to wealth.  

 Perhaps your first instinct, from reading so-far, is that the increase in personal wealth that I say anyone can achieve seems unbelievable. 

 Please don’t be afraid or dismiss the thought of being successful, I know living a fairly simple, ordinary life - with not much money but enough to get by - is fairly easy and reasonably coy. 

 But, being afraid of achieving something really worthwhile is a very small price to pay for the end result.  

I’m genuinely able to provide the knowledge and strategies that’ll increase your personal wealth and teach you how to identify the many wealth-creating opportunities that lie around us all in a modern, developed nation like ours.  

 When you examine further my wealth-creating logical concepts, plus powerful methods combined with knowledge and know-how that I’ll introduce to you, you’ll realize how simple and sensible - but critical - my approach is.  

 I’m convinced the course is one of the very best sources of wealth-creating information available. 


 Because you’ll benefit from actual hands-on experience that’ll boost your cash earning power with fun, practical, application-specific techniques that are learnable by anyone willing to devote time and effort embracing, absorbing, then applying them to create your very own personal wealth.  

 You’ll be shown the exact steps to take in ensuring your long-term success... how to apply each effective wealth-building strategy...

 ...and receive advice that’ll create an extraordinary level of personal financial success.  

Revealed: The Three Foundational Principles That’ll Ensure Dramatic Financial Growth  

 Don’t believe the scam merchants who tell you that becoming rich is a result of one single, simple secret. 

 It might make good reading, but no one discovers an ‘age old secret’ in a book - nor gets rich as a result of a single lucky event that happened by chance.  

 Instead as I can testify...

 Wealthy individuals use a range of strategies and a collection of methods and techniques to acquire their riches. 

 By blending and utilising these you’ll create a very powerful wealth-creating combination - I call it ‘The Triangle of Gold’

 I will teach you that to acquire wealth, you first need to know that there are three key principles that form ‘The Triangle of Gold’ these are perhaps the most important aspects for accumulating a great deal of money.

= = = = = = =  

 Here they are:  

#1 Maximise your Income  

 This may be obvious and probably the easiest of the three key principles, but there are many people who simply don’t know where to begin. 

 In the course I’ll teach you a range of strategies for increasing your value, increasing your personal skills, increasing your worth and increasing your income. 

 I’ll cover maximisation techniques that will bring you extra hundreds of pounds and how to generate thousands of pounds from profitable business ventures or ventures of your own.  

 #2 Practical Sound Money Management  

 Ninety-nine percent of us are guilty of managing our money badly. 

 It probably won’t surprise you that millionaires are some of the best money-managers around. 

 Many have got more money than they ever need yet they spend it wisely, and never ever waste it.  

 I will teach you some of my successful money-management techniques. 

 Whether it is how to buy better, or negotiate harder, I’ll show you how to save and invest skillfully. 

 By keeping more of what you make - with more left to work for you - you can accelerate your progress to millionaireship ten, twenty or even one hundred-fold. 

 I’ll help you find money you didn’t even know you had, I’ll show you how to become debt-free fast, I’ll demystify personal finance, and show you exactly how to make money really work for you.  

 The old-age precept that the more money you have, the more you make has never been so true. And this leads us onto key principle #3:  

 #3 Leverage Your Capital  

 Most millionaires don’t work in the traditional sense. 

 They use money to make money. 

 They use their ideas, their ingenuity and their brainpower to get rich - and they get others to do the hard, physical work. 

 Throughout the course I’ll show you how you can leverage the capital you’ve generated and, using skill and ingenuity, turn your early, small successes into big, big millionaire or even billionaire style successes!  

= = = = = = = =  

 Because each of the three key principles are interlinked and intertwined...

Systematically combining these key principles will produce phenomenally powerful end results.  

 You’ll discover a vast range of techniques, strategies and methods that’ll each contribute to your long-term success, but never forget that the three key foundational principles are at the core of all of them.  

 Wealth comes from being a ‘thinker’ rather than a ‘doer’!  

 Every single one of us possesses the power of thought - the ability to think our way to success rather than work for it. 

 In most people, these powers lay hidden, chiefly because they either lack the foresight, ambition or opportunity to awaken and use the powers that they already possess.  

 But I know you’re different! 

 You’ve stayed with me so far. 

 So I know that you’re a ‘thinker’ rather than just a ‘doer’. 

 I know that you have the motivation to awake your hidden powers, use knowledge, and move forward into a richer, more prosperous future!  

 Like Carl Messurier, an ex-student who, by adopting a number of specific strategies and methods made enough money to retire to a luxury villa in Greece. 

= = = = = =

 Here’s part of his letter:  

 “Although I have a B.Comm and a MBA, I found your course a real insight. 

 Economics never taught me about wealth creation. 

 In my first week with you I followed all your ideas and techniques. 

 Having identified a small but profitable investment opportunity which I took full advantage of, I made a very simply £2,750. 

 It took about 2-hours to set things in motion. 

 This investment cash enabled me to finance more profitable ventures – many of which you brought to my attention. 

 Since those early months studying and adopting the methods you outline in your course, I can honestly say my life has changed completely. 

 Back in December I had made £15,000 from a number of different projects and I continued to re-invest these profits as you instruct. 

 It is now early March and I really can’t believe how things have worked out. 

 Today, I’m looking at my bank statement which displays a balance of £225,000. 

 I’ve now made enough money to retire for a few years and escape the cold damp UK. 

 I’ve bought a lovely house in Rhodes, Greece with 6 bedrooms and a pool. It’s set in 6 acres. 

 It cost £80K. With the rest of my money invested I’m doing very well. 

 I still cannot thank you enough. I would be more than pleased to recommend your course to anyone. Rob, once again, thank you so much and I wish you and your family a successful and rewarding year.”  

Carl Messurier Rhodes -- Greece  

= = = = = = 

 You’ll benefit from unique techniques which I’ve perfected over the years - techniques which you can NOT obtain anywhere else - that really work and will produce incredible personal wealth. 

 Combined with know-how, inside information, ideas AND my willingness to share all my best 22-years worth of ‘insider’ secrets will ensure your success becomes a predictable certainty.  

Your path to astronomical personal wealth follows clear predetermined directions. As you accomplish each phase of your journey, you’ll progressively reach your ultimate destination - attaining millionaire status.  

 Here’s The Wealth-building Schedule:  

 Stage #1:  

 Maximising your income and leveraging your start-up capital.  

 This is the infrastructure to your rapid 12-month income growth plan. 

 I’ll reveal the very best business ventures and projects to build upon. 

 You’ll start off with small, efficient, low-cost projects that can be started with limited finance - and then grow fast

 These projects are very important in your early stages of achieving a huge fortune - remember acorns produce oak trees.  

 The whole shebang from identifying immediate growth opportunities, raising finance, planning, expanding, floating and eventually selling the business for a big profit is thoroughly covered. 

 I’ll also reveal to you real-life case-study small business ideas which you can use to earn yourself money straight away - many of the projects I’ll disclose will produce profits of between £50.00 and £5,000 per week.  

 These small, efficient projects are your fast-track into business. 

 And they’ll generate significant hard cash that you’ll need as you proceed into even bigger and better projects in the future.  

A successful small business project is a cash cow - once started, it provides a very effective way of turning your work and efforts into hard cash. 

 It’s also a powerful way of both maximising your income and leveraging your capital. As you progress through the course, you’ll learn how to build upon the advanced small business skills, techniques and secrets you’ll need to become an expert in wealth-creation.  

 Stage #2:  

 The next stage of your development is moving into big business projects - the ultimate way of levering your capital. 

 I’ll disclose the six most important success strategies that empowered countless numbers of people to become millionaires.  

 I’ll then guide you through the expansion of your business empire. 

 You’ll learn all about Multi Income Streams - one of the most important strategies for any millionaire is diversification.  

 I’ll teach you the importance of acquisitions and mergers and how you go about it to rapidly expand your business empire. 

 I’ll show how successful millionaires acquire acquisitions with no cash down

 You’ll learn how one business tycoon became even richer by using a merger strategy that enabled him to take over a much larger company.  

 Stage #3:  

 The next logical step is to float your business empire on the stock market (although you don't have to, it's just an option for you).

 This is one way to make a great deal of money in business. 

 You can use floatation to generate finance to expand your business further - or even cash in your business - as millionaires quickly do - and walk away with several million pounds of ready cash. 

 I’ll also guide you into selling your business empire - successful entrepreneurs often sell off their businesses when, or just before their growth and profitability peaks.  

 Stage #4:  

 You are now cash-rich. One of the ultimate ways in which to increase your wealth is through the stock market. 

 I’ll show you how you can start with £100.00 and build it into a multi-million pound share portfolio.  

 Stock dealing is the ideal add-on to any budding tycoon. 

 I’ll reveal exactly how to buy and sell shares, build a share portfolio and how to invest in pooled investor funds. 

 I’ll give you my best-reasoned advice as to why I avoid professionally managed unit trusts, and prefer looking after my own portfolio. I’ll show you how a portfolio of five to ten carefully selected shares will most likely reward you with long-term profits well above even the most expert fund manager.  

 Stage #5:  

 It’s time you started to enjoy your wealth. 

 You’ll discover the perfect millionaire’s pastimes for both pleasure and profit. 

 Exotic destinations are a magnet for millionaires. 

 Here you can let your hair-down and start to luxuriate in your new lifestyle. 

 And where better than a night at the casino. 

 This could be in Monaco, Las Vegas or on a cruise ship somewhere in the Caribbean. But, not forgetting your key principles - I’ll show you how to win regularly at the casino using many insider techniques and strategies. 

 You’ll learn how the professionals play roulette, blackjack and baccarat to win. 

 I’ll guide you along and disclose the many strategies that’ll enable you to make a little extra cash from a night at the casino.  

 Stage #6:  

 Don’t allow the government to take more than is legally possible of your money from you. 

 I’ll divulge the (perfectly legal) tax avoidance and financial dodges that millionaires like myself always use - and pay our experienced accountants handsomely for. 

 As any millionaire knows, one of the biggest risks to your fortune is the taxman. 

 I’ll show you how to reduce and in some cases eliminate tax altogether - all perfectly legal but you would have to pay £1,000’s for this advice elsewhere.  

 As John Davison Rockerfeller famously said “If only it wasn’t for taxes, everyone would be rich”.  

Stage #7:  

 You’ll learn more advanced entrepreneurial skills and concepts that will skyrocket your fortune. 

 I’ll include full blueprints for ‘real life’ entrepreneurial projects including:

  • Property Speculation  

 I’ll reveal exactly how a number of millionaires, myself included, expand their wealth with income from property development, buying and selling, letting, renovation and conversions. 

 You’ll learn how to finance your property deals, identify areas that are on the verge of a boom, buying from auction, free property from ethical asset stripping and potential building plots.  

  • Business Consultancy


 I’ll disclose actual case studies of how entrepreneurs have made fortunes from their own consultancy businesses. 

 Becoming a consultant gives you the perfect opportunity to multiply your earning potential by doing what you love most! 

 I’ll show you step-by-step how to start your own consultancy business.  

  • Franchising  

 Everyone knows about franchising. 

 At its simplest, franchising is a system where you buy the rights to operate someone else’s business idea. 

 But this is not what we are interested in. You can make a fortune, not from being a franchisee, but a master franchiser. 

 The USA is a good place for gathering potential franchise ideas. You’ll learn exactly how you can identify and then create your very own franchise business and earn from regular franchise fees and royalty sales.  

  • Business Regeneration  

 I’ll explain how many millionaires take full advantage of business regeneration:  

 You’ll be able to follow in the footsteps of successful individuals like Dave Whelan who bought a run-down sports shop in Wigan for £12,000 and turned it into a multi-million pound chain - JJB Sports in less than 10-years.

 Michael Cannon bought a Bristol Pub in 1976. He’s now worth £80M by buying, developing and selling pub chains - he has now moved to the USA to do exactly the same over there but on a much bigger scale.  

 Vijay Patel bought a tiny chemist’s shop in Essex. He doubled sales in the first year and now has a chain of shops and a pharmaceutical business worth at least £150M.  

  • Global Licensing  

 Today we live in a global economy. 

 One of the implications of this is that products, which succeed in one country very often, succeed in another. 

 Fast food has to be the most successful example but you can apply global licensing to many products or services. 

 I’ll guide you and explain exactly how you can make vast profits from little or no work. Having accepted a license agreement, you have actually agreed advanced business - so advanced that the potential is literally limitless.  

Stage #8:  

 Nobody wants to work hard, apply yourself and be patient - especially would-be millionaires. 

 I’ll teach you advanced business ideas that successful millionaires Worldwide always use to build upon their fortune - it’s all about becoming rich with the least amount of effort possible. 

 I’ll reveal how many millionaires, myself included, acquire money without effort - this can be while enjoying a holiday or even when asleep!  

 I’ll teach you very profitable advanced business formulas that really can turbocharge your wealth and disclose how many millionaires, again myself included, build further fortunes from a process called Absentee Ownership Opportunities - I’m personally involved with 9 different companies and yet I do very little if any work at these companies. 

 You’ll learn how to become involved with Absentee Ownership Opportunities and why it’s vitally important to ensure all business interests have leverage capabilities.

 Many of you may not be aware but Millionaires make a great deal of money by not working at all! 

 I’ll divulge exactly how I do this and how you can do the same. 

 Numerous tycoons bolster their fortunes from screenplays, book deals, photography, celebrity autographs, realisation sales, manorial rights and ransom strips. 

 I’ll disclose the lot!  

Stage #9:  

 The early part of the course teaches you how to become rich - even a millionaire. 

 Towards the end of the course you’ll discover how to invest and build super wealth. 

 This is the World of the millionaire. 

 These are the more unusual and unconventional investment opportunities that only the super-rich know about and which provide exceptional returns for the shrewd millionaire investor.  

 I’m talking about becoming a business angel; this is where you profit immensely from the hard work and enterprise of others. 

 I’ll reveal exactly how you can become a business angel, join a ‘BAN’ and find the most suitable investment opportunities.  

 Learn about Venture Capital Trusts or VCT’s. 

 This is an industry worth over £1bn. 

 These are government schemes designed for small expanding companies. 

 They are a perfect investment tool for millionaires as they allow you to invest money in a ‘hands off’ way.  

 The Venture and Development Capital investment trust sector has consistently outperformed the UK Capital Growth sector over the past ten years. 

 All VCT’s pay tax-free dividends and are constantly used by successful millionaires in the UK today - I’ll guide you every step of the way.  

 You’ll learn how a number of shrewd investors make substantial profits from the Classic Car market. 

 One well-known example is The Sultan of Brunei who made £120 million in 20-years by buying and selling classic cars.  

 I’ll reveal the secrets millionaires use to invest in or drive a classic or super cars.  

 Additionally, I take full advantage of fine wine investment. 

 Back in 1983 I shrewdly invested £3,000 in 10 cases of 1982 Chateau Mouton Rothschild. 

 I know that I can sell it today for £48,000 - a staggering 1,600% return on my money! I’ll guide you through the profitable industry of fine wine investment.  

 Another investment opportunity is Fine Art. 

 The markets treat art as a commodity, subject to the same market forces as securities, oil or real estate. 

 Prices change over time but speculation in the art market can be incredibly profitable.

You’ll also learn about:  

Vintage Couture - Pieces by Jean Muir, Ossie Clark and prints by Celia Birtwell are very collectable and worth thousands. 

High-Yielding Shares - Forget a measly 0.5% from building societies, there are many shares that pay dividends much greater than 4%. Learn how to spot these investment opportunities. 

Havana Davidoffs - Vintage cigars. Prices have slipped since their peak in the mid 1990’s. Cigars offer a very serious investment opportunity. 

Government Bonds - For the more cautious investor. UK guilds offer a yield of 5%. While inflation remains low, bonds provide safe investments.  

 Plus many many more investment opportunities including: Vintage Goyard Luggage... Insurance Stocks... Regency Furniture... Telecom Service Providers and Natural Resources Stocks.  

Every phase of wealth-creation is comprehensively covered - there is page after page jam-packed full of fascinating and significant profit-producing information, each stage is arranged in a deliberate and proven order that is crucial for you to achieve Mega-wealth.  

 You’ll be shown the exact steps to take to ensure your long-term success and how to apply each effective wealth-building strategy that’ll create an extraordinary level of personal financial success.  

 It all comes supplied direct from a self-made millionaire. 

 And this is very important. 

 Why would anyone want to learn about acquiring fantastic wealth from a broke person?  

= = = = = = = 

Here’s What A Number of My Past Students Have Said About The Course:  

Ian, your course is fantastic, I’m so pleased… I would like to thank you for your excellent advice. You’ve already met your first objective i.e. to get me out of debt and this in only just over a month. I’m so excited about the future, your help, advice and past experience has encouraged me so much that I truly believe the worlds my oyster!”  

Mr B Croydon -- Surrey  

Thank you very much for all your information, I have found it very useful indeed. I’m not sure exactly how much I’ve made over the past few months but with a brand-new BMW parked in my driveway it sure must be a substantial sum. I know you’ll probably say I’m a fool and I should have re-invested the £30,000 or so rather than splash out on this car, but hey Rob, our lives are so short that I couldn’t wait any longer! Take care and I’ll write again soon to keep you informed of my progress”  

Mr C.  

Horsham -- West Sussex  

Firstly, let me say what a fantastic job you are doing. Honestly, I don’t know how you do it. From losing a fortune on all sorts of schemes in the past, I can truly say this course is the most profitable venture I’ve ever been involved with. I wasn’t sure exactly what I’d receive from you at the start but not only have you delivered all that was expected, you’ve actually gone that little bit further and I feel I’ve received much more than my monies worth”  

C. Sawyer Glasgow  

= = = = = =  

You will learn methods and techniques used by millionaires Worldwide - techniques you can study, adopt and apply to achieve incredible financial success for yourself. 

 Many of the greatest, shrewdest brains in the UK follow the exact same principles. 

 You’ll be richer mentally and be equipped with all the tools required to enable you to make all the money you could ever want!  

 What’s more...

 It’s my job to ensure you enjoy all the things that life has to offer - here is a snapshot of what you can look forward to very soon: 

Loadsamoney! Cash in your hand to spend… and more in the bank than you can manage to count. 

Money coming to you every day - seemingly without any effort on your part. 

No debts, and no danger of ever being in debt ever again. No money worries. In a nutshell, complete financial security! 

A palatial house, a swish penthouse apartment, a country or seaside cottage for weekends, a villa abroad - and investment properties too.

  • Several wonderful holidays a year - anywhere in the world the fancy takes you - whenever you decide to take off and go. 

The security of private education for your children, and private healthcare for your family if you need it. 

Baubles and bells! Things you don’t really need but are wonderful to have, including expensive Mercedes, BMW’s, a Ferrari or even a Roller, powerful motorbikes, yachts and expensive jewellery! 

Just as importantly as luxuries - being able to be generous with your money if you choose to - so you can give to family or friends, and help out your favorite charities not just with a few pence but in a really big way! 

And most of all the freedom to do what money brings you - the freedom to do exactly as you please, when and how you want to do it.  

Not One Thing I’ll Show You Is Theory  

 Throughout each lesson, the course’s pages include proven broad ranges of information that is both of interest and significance to millionaire-minded people - no matter what the subject is. 

 The course doesn’t involve being a student, being lectured and being told what to do

 It doesn’t involve any theoretical stuff, which can be both dull and boring. 

 What it does involve is studying and understanding the techniques, methods and strategies that other people - myself included - employed to attain millionaire status.  

You’ll discover how to duplicate and construct your own framework, apply the methods, techniques and ideas to ensure you generate powerful rapid personal income growth from the thousands of investment opportunities that’ll be revealed.  

 And it’s not just any old information. 


 Anything and everything in the whole, fast-moving World of wealth-creation is included in each information-busting lesson. 

 The course delivers all the knowledge, ideas, case studies, techniques and strategies needed to build an incredible personal fortune.  

Here’s just some of the practical knowledge you’ll acquire from 'The Edge':  

  • Vital money management secrets that will help launch you on your way to being a ‘banknote millionaire’. Unlock £500.00 extra/month and discover ‘hidden’ money you didn’t know you had! Become debt-free fast with debt management skills. Learn how to make money really work for you.  

  • Multi-billionaire Bill Gates uses the secrets of PFA to stay one of the world’s richest people. You too can use a simple version of Bill’s secret techniques to become financially well-off (or even incredibly rich) too.  

  • Turbocharge your spending power. How to spend less but get more. How your daily diary can put ££££’s in your hand today. Two simple words to make you ££££’s -- and how to become an ‘insider trader’ - legally!  

  • How you too could become worth £4 Million/year! Instant techniques to boost your standing, boost your status and boost your wealth. Discover the secrets of pulling off big-money, big profit business deals - just like a pro. (Full details in Lesson 3.)  

  • Networking… One simple technique that will bring hundreds, thousands even millions to your door.  

  • How to build contacts with rich and influential people. And have them help you to where you want to be - without even asking!  

  • The smooth talker’s guide to the galaxy! How to talk your way to £100,000 of free help and advice… a free, luxury house (or a fabulous villa abroad)… drive a brand new car absolutely free… get free flights, accommodation and holidays.  

  • How to plan, launch and run your own money-spinning business projects. Finding the very best idea for you. Access £millions in start up capital - quickly and easily! Business planning and starting up. Part-time moneymakers. Big businesses ideas. Entrepreneur’s tips. Expanding, floating or selling your business for a big profit. How and why even the smallest business project can be your ‘cash cow’ - providing the ready cash you need to become super rich.  

  • Actual business projects you can start and profit from today, with full start-up instructions, to make you anything from £50 to £5,000 a week - and that’s just for starters!  

  • So-called ‘tycoon’ business plans - numerous business ideas that costs hundreds elsewhere, with full information and instructions - all included in your course (Lesson 5) at no extra charge.  

  • Playing - and winning - on the stock market. You will discover how to buy, sell and trade shares easily and with the lowest possible risk - investing no more than £100. If you’re worried about speculating on the stock market don’t be - it’s just become easier than you ever thought possible!  

  • How to predict the rise and fall of the stock market. Exclusive new system that shows how selling not buying is the key to stock market success!  

  • Gamble - to win! If you would like to be a rich, ‘career gambler’ travelling the world and winning £millions then this knowledge is for you! Including exclusive gambling systems you would normally expect to pay many hundreds or even thousands of pounds for - all included FREE.  

  • Hold on to your millions! Tax avoidance and other (perfectly legal) financial dodges that help the rich become super rich. Including seven great strategies you can use to slash your income tax bill today.  

  • The ultimate ambition of every truly wealthy person - get rich with ingenuity not effort! Including: Make money for doing (almost) nothing… global profits from global licensing… create your own valuable property portfolio - at low cost or even for nothing! Everyone, everywhere would like to make money - lots of money - without working… and this is how it’s done! (Lesson 10.)  

  • How to invest and build super wealth. These opportunities include both high and low risk, short and long term opportunities for multiplying your money that don’t have anything to do with conventional investments. You won’t find these opportunities at any High Street bank - these exceptional, unique investments are designed to produce exceptional returns for the shrewd ‘millionaire’ investor!  

Each lesson forms a progressive stage to your eventual wealth - the goal of 'The Edge' is to make you wealthy - very wealthy.  

= = = = = = = 

Here Are More Genuine, unsolicited Comments My Students Have Said About The Course:  

Dear Ian, like a lot of people, I was made redundant from what I thought was a safe and secure job. I was suddenly left to support my wife, two children, cover a huge mortgage and pay outstanding loans. To say I was in trouble would be an understatement! If I’m totally honest, when I first heard from you I was a little sceptical of your claims etc. I thought only very very few people ever become rich and I certainly didn’t think I had the ability to get anywhere near the top of the ladder. 

  Well, I took the gamble and subscribed to your course. My first reaction was INCREDIBLE! I spent the whole week reading, absorbing and creating plans for the future. My wife said at the time that it was as though she had re-married as I become totally focused on our family’s future. 

Nine months have now passed and I’m really positive about my whole future. I started a small enterprise as you suggested and developed it using your advice. It quickly ran itself and I’ve started to invest the profits into other ventures. They are now starting to pay dividends, and although I’m no way near millionaire status, at least I feel that I will be in the not-so-distant future. This is all thanks to you Rob. My wife insists on inviting you round for dinner but I assume you’re a very busy man. Anyway, Rob can I take this opportunity to thank you for everything you’ve done for my family and I hope one day we can meet in person. We would love to meet you.”  

Mr J. Holland Carlisle – Cumbria  

I’ve recently subscribed to your wealth-creating course and I’m very pleased to have already made over £4,000 from a simply idea in lesson 3. I do not know how many students you accept but would it be possible to send details to a friend of mine. He wants to get involved and I can assure you he is very serious about making money, his address is…… many thanks Rob and I look forward to progressing through your course”  

Mr AH. Kidderminster -- Worcestershire

= = = = = = =

 So what differentiates peoples lives so distinctively?  

 Never be afraid of being successful. 

 If you don’t at least try and give it a fair go, you’ll always go through life thinking, “maybe it could have been me!”. 

 Because, once you’ve achieved a level of personal financial success, whether it be millionaire or even multi-millionaire status, you can buy the large house of your dreams, travel to numerous exotic holiday destinations, drive the Worlds finest cars, stay in 5-star hotels, luxuriate in the freedom and ensure you and your family will enjoy their lives to the fullest.  

Remember -- Millionaires Are Made Not Born!  

 The majority of us all come from very similar backgrounds. 

 I become a millionaire, not born one - and knowledge is the key. 

 Once you are exposed to this wealth-creating knowledge, millionaire status actually becomes a reality.  

 I put to use knowledge in the right manner. I live in a beautiful Edwardian house in the lake District. I can afford to holiday four or five times a year. 

 I have two lovely children who, perhaps against my better judgement, own all the latest gadgets and gizmos.  

 Thousands of people are enjoying a privileged lifestyle right at this very moment - in fact 1 in every 500 of the population. 

 Isn’t it time you added your name to this list?  

An Investment In Success  

 Now let me clarify.  

 In a nutshell, if you seriously want to enjoy a fulfilled and varied life - one that only success, freedom and wealth can guarantee. 

 If you want to join next years UK millionaire list by being exposed to 22-years hands-on experience and unique ‘insider’ secrets…  

 If you want to discover thousands of powerful wealth-creating methods, techniques, strategies and ideas that the shrewdest millionaires in the UK use to increase their fortunes…  

 …and you want to be made aware of, and advised upon the very best business ventures, projects and investment opportunities that’ll skyrocket your personal net-worth to unimaginable levels within a short time and will ensure your continued long-term success becomes a predictable certainty, you definitely should participate in this 12-lesson study class course. 

Here’s what you’ll receive:  

  • The Edge Study Course - 12-Lesson, 250+ page course.

  • A predetermined route to achieve financial success. The first section teaches you how to maximise your earning power by identifying and developing numerous business and investment ventures. The middle section teaches you how to rapidly increase your personal income. The final section reveals the serious wealth-creating secrets that all shrewd millionaires use to continue growing their personal fortune - mostly by little or no effort. 

  • You’ll be joining a small-group success-achieving masterclass and be exposed to the very latest and most powerful wealth-building techniques, methods and strategies that I’ve discovered throughout my business career. 


 One more thing - it’s important you know this. 

 I am not promising that you will become a millionaire simply by reading this course, sitting back and doing nothing. 

 That would be dishonest. 

 But what I can guarantee is, you’ll find The Edge always interesting, thought and ideas provoking, informative, genuine and reliable.  

 If you want to experience the difference it is up to you to make the difference. 

 Lots of people dream about being a millionaire. 

Few people actually do anything about it apart from playing the lottery. 

 By reading this letter to the very end you have shown that you at least have the very special qualities needed to work towards that aim. 

 So why not use your drive and ambition - and the knowledge you will acquire from this wealth-creating course - and actually do something about it?  

The 12 Lesson Course is £129.97…  


 As a special introductory offer… 

 For a very limited period, the whole course is JUST £67.00 – which is £5.58 per lesson.  

 I want you to experience 'The Edge' Study Course risk free

= = = = = = =


 I want you to be 100% satisfied with the course, so please read the whole 12-lessons risk-free at your leisure and discover for yourself how you’ll be able to dramatically increase your personal wealth.  

 If - after 30-days - after you’ve had the chance to apply and adopt some of the techniques yourself, you do not agree - for any reason whatsoever, and you are not completely convinced that any of the wealth-creating strategies, techniques, methods and ideas will suit your circumstances. Nor do you feel your personal net-worth will rapidly increase to unimaginable new heights, or believe that any of the 100’s of business ventures, projects and investment opportunities will benefit you in any way, you may return the course for a full refund. There’ll be no questions asked. And no hard feelings on my part either. You can also keep the free gift as a thank you for at least viewing my course.  

= = = = = =

 Send NOW for 'The Edge' Study Course - at my risk by clicking the Paypal BELOW.  

 I sincerely look forward to personally helping you join the wealthy 10% of the UK population by introducing to you the knowledge and know-how that the shrewdest Millionaires in the UK are currently taking full advantage of. 

 Warmest Regards,  

  Ian David

 P.S. I’m convinced this course is one of the very best sources of wealth-creating information available. Why? Because you’ll benefit from actual hands-on experience that’ll boost your cash earning power with fun, practical, application-specific techniques that are learnable by anyone willing to devote time and effort embracing, absorbing, then applying them to create your very own personal wealth.  

 P.P.S. Remember, there were 821,000 millionaires in the UK last year. Don’t be left behind. Life is far too short to simply sit around and let other people enjoy a World of luxury, freedom and privilege.  

 P.P.P.S. You risk nothing. I want you to be 100% satisfied with the course, so please read the whole 12-lessons risk-free at your leisure and discover for yourself how you’ll be able to dramatically increase your personal wealth.

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